• Choosing The Right Accountant

    These days, anyone can call themselves an accountant, so doing your research is crucial to finding the right fit. After all, you don’t want just anyone to be a critical part of your business, organisation, or family trust! For the most professional service, you’ll want a Chartered Accountant. This means they are a member of CAANZ (Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand), have a University qualification in accounting with three years’ practical experience under the supervision of a Chartered Accountant, and a further two years’ experience – resulting in them being granted a Certificate of Public Practice. Chartered Accountants have the credibility, accountability, and up-to-date expertise that you need to secure the business you envision.

    Our Team is Qualified to Take Care of You

    BoostNest is a Chartered Accounting Practice. Our team undergoes CAANZ (Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand) approved training every year, hold Advisor Certifications in Xero and are members of Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand or Certified Practicing Accounts Australia.


    While we prefer getting on with the work above blowing our own trumpets, we still want you to know that we’re educated, legit and certified! Ultimately, we want to help you create the success you’re striving for, through sound accounting, wise planning, and friendly ongoing support.


    You can trust us to ensure your decision-making is robust, you are compliant with IRD, or your family trust is secure.


  • You want BoostNest.

    Most of our new clients find us because they are unhappy with their current accountant.


    Ask yourself, do you want to find a no-nonsense chartered accountant who gets what it’s like to go into business following a passion, but end up having to spend a lot more time balancing books and settling accounts? Do you want to be kept in the loop about your accounts in real-time? Do you want someone who will give you sound advice and direct you when things get a little murky? And are you finally sick of paying expensive fees for… well you’re not too sure what?


    You want BoostNest.

    Here’s what sets us apart.

    Fixed Fees

    - Keep It Simple

    No more holding your breath when you open your accountant’s bill. With our fixed fee, you know exactly how much you are paying before you begin – making it much easier to budget for.

    A Direct Approach

    - Get An Answer In Plain English

    Straightforward, no-nonsense, informed advice and knowledgeable answers on your queries, issues and predicaments. We use graphs and step-by-step plans, so you feel confident that you’re heading toward your goals.

    An Accountant Who Cares

    - Our Team is Your Team

    Your business is our business (no pun intended…. well, maybe a little) and when your business does well, our business is happy! We don’t see the point in keeping you in the dark over anything – whether it’s good or bad, so we don’t. And we can help you navigate the bad just as confidently as we can help you navigate the good.

    Xero Certified

    - We Run on a Modern Infrastructure

    The cloud-based accounting platform Xero has become the industry standard for good reason. It gives you and your accountant ‘real-time’ access to your finances so we can work on your numbers together while providing financial analysis, in-depth reporting, and invoicing services.

    Dynamic Services

    - We Support a Range of Clients

    Whether you are an entrepreneur just starting out, an established business, corporate operation, or family trust, we have the skills and sense to support you in the way you need. We have served clients of all sizes and in a wide range of industries, including hospitality, IT, real estate, legal, and medical. We do not offer a one-size-fits-all solution either. Our concise practical planning system will help you to get to exactly where you want to go.

    Well-Established and Trusted

    - Our Reputation Is Good

    BoostNest has been supporting a variety of clients since 2012, and the majority have been with us since then. Our clients know we are doing a good job because we frame all of our reporting and planning in plain English. They feel confident in their businesses because we make practical plans which deal with a range of scenarios and include detailed steps in each.

    Modern and Advanced

    - We Stay Up-to-Date

    As Chartered Accountants, we have the credibility and expertise that you need to build the business you envision. It’s vital that we fully understand changing technology and software, as well as tax laws, to best support your decision-making process, provide you with a thorough tax plan, and offer accurate guidance to make your tax preparation process painless.

  • So, Is It Time for You to Make a Change?

    If your accountant isn’t on top of these areas, they may not be as invested in you as you might hope...

    • Has your business or organisation grown too much, or not enough?
    • Do you have the systems in place to confidently deal with an ever-changing economy?
    • Do you know how other businesses in your industry are performing?
    • Do you want to pay for your children 's university fees or will they take out a student loan?
    • When was the last time you reviewed your insurances and your need for Life Insurances, Income Protection Insurance, and Mortgage Protection Insurance?
    • When was the last time you reviewed your mortgage structures and financial position to see if there are ways that money can work for you better?
    • Do you have an investment strategy for your retirement?
    • Do you know how much you need to have in an investment so you can retire?
    • Are you a member of KiwiSaver, and have you been contributing regularly?
    • Are you paying for accountancy fees that you don’t need, or are more expensive than they should be?
    • When was the last time you updated your Will and Enduring Power of Attorney?

  • BoostNest is a Better Fit. So, what is next?

    We'll meet you in person to discuss your business. We are strategically based in Wellington and Auckland. Then we provide you with information about how we can help, our fixed fees, and our proven approach. Then we'll get you to sign our engagement form.

  • What Do We Do?

    From here we'll work behind the scenes with IRD, and assess if there are returns outstanding or money that is owing. We’ll write to your previous accountant for ethical clearance (if they are a Chartered Accountant as well) and obtain your existing financial records and other information we may need. We’ll also review and transfer your accounting systems, such as an existing Xero subscription.


    We’ll get back to you promptly with confirmation of the work required, how we are going to do it, and our charges.

    We'll stay in touch with you regularly and keep you up-to-date with everything financial that affects your business.

    What Do You Do?

    Nothing! You can relax, knowing we are taking care of the hard stuff (which we secretly really enjoy!)

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