• Is BoostNest the right choice for me


    So, you started a business with all the dreams in the world – growth, expansion, profit… The world was your oyster and you were motivated and driven.


    A year down the track and you’ve achieved a few of those dreams – you have more staff (which has led to more payroll & HR requirements) and bigger premises (which results in bigger overheads) but your profit gets sucked up into surprise tax bills and even more surprising accounting services bill from that accountant you spoke to a few times a while back about your finances but haven’t heard from in AGES!


    You’re finally sick of paying insane rates for, well, you’re not entirely sure what that last bill was for! You just want to find a no-nonsense accountant who ‘gets it ’ – what it’s like to go into business to follow a passion but end up having to spend a lot more time than you bargained for balancing books & settling accounts. You want to be kept in the loop about your accounts in real-time and you want someone who will give you sound advice & direct you when things get a little murky.

  • You want BoostNest.

    We have a fixed fee

    No more holding your breath when you open your accountant’s bill. With our fixed fee you know exactly how much you’re paying, before you begin, making it much easier to budget for.

    We’ll give you a direct approach.

    Straightforward, no-nonsense, educated advice and knowledgeable answers on your queries, issues & predicaments. We tell it how it is, and we do it right.

    We actually care

    Your business is our business (no pun intended…. well, maybe a little) and when your business does well, our business is happy! We don’t see the point in keeping you in the dark over anything – whether it’s good or bad, so we don’t. And we can help you navigate the bad just as confidently as we can help you navigate the good!

    We have the two key attributes that you NEED from an accountant in this day & age

    A Chartered Accountant and a Virtual Chief Financial Officer. In this modern, technological age, it’s becoming more of an expectation for service providers to be immediately accessible regardless of where in the world they are. By providing a virtual option, we can be accessed from anywhere you are to provide.

    We run on a modern infrastructure

    The cloud-based accounting platform Xero is becoming the industry standard and for good reason. It gives you and your accountant ‘real time’ access to your finances so we can work on your numbers together while providing financial analysis, in-depth reporting, and invoicing services.

    We don’t care about size

    Whether you’re an entrepreneur just starting out, a family business or a corporate operation – we have the skills & sense to support your business in the way it needs, not just a one-size-fits-all solution. By having this in place, we can seamlessly continue to support you through your growth periods as well as during your down-time.

    Our reputation speaks for itself

    We have served a variety of clients in a wide range of industries, including hospitality, IT, real estate, legal, and medical. Our team stay up-to-date
    on the most recent tax laws and can support you and provide you with a thorough tax plan as
    well as guidance to make your tax preparation process painless

  • These days, anyone can call themselves an Accountant and doing your research is crucial to finding the right fit to your needs.


    Ultimately, for the most professional service, you will ideally be seeking a Chartered Accountant. This is someone who is a member of CAANZ (Chartered Accountants of New Zealand and Australia), has a University qualification in accounting with three years’ practical experience working under the supervision of a Chartered Accountant, and a further two years’ experience – resulting in them being granted a Certificate of Public Practice.