Our Mission

    - to be the catalyst in changing the way owners look at their business.



    Here at BoostNest, we want to be part of changing the way owners see their business, so that effective decisions can be made in the present time, while future-proofing is enabled through ongoing planning and goal setting.


    Imagine never having to deal with complex tax returns, and the IRD ever again... By having BoostNest manage your accounts and financials, you may just never have to!



    The "Boost"

    When we work together with your business, we Boost your business by supporting your decision making process with advice so that you can focus on your customers, and your next sale.

    The "Nest"

    Business is about generating wealth and securing your future in the "nest". There is no point in building a fantastic business unless you can protect the nest egg or make sure that the proceeds from your business are flowing through to your "nest" in the most efficient manner.

  • Who are BoostNest

    Jono has over 15 years in the chartered accounting environment, working with multiple clients on a strategic and day to day basis.


    Not only does Jono have a sharp eye for deficiencies in tax compliance but also has a focus on business valuations and business structures to best manage risk in the economic environment.


    Advising on all matters of business from accounting & compliance to strategy & software selection, with specialties in Business & Tax advice for small to medium sized entities and Accounting software & systems for business.


    Check out Jono's LinkedIn profile here.

  • Our Team

    Cindy Collett

    Practice Manager

    Rick McDonald

    Tax Consultant

    Josh Mann

    Accountant (Provisional CAANZ Member)

    Winnie Cocklin

    Accountant (Associate CPA Member)

    Isha Chauhan

    Accountant (Provisional CAANZ Member)

  • Certifications & Professional Memberships


    While we prefer not to blow our own trumpets and just get on with the work, we still want you to know that we’re all educated, legit, and certified!


    Our team hold Advisor Certifications in XeroSyft and undergo CAANZ approved training every year.