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    Imagine never having to deal with complex tax returns and the IRD ever again... By having BoostNest manage your accounts and financials, you may just never have to! Not only that, but our services can also help drive your business, organisation, or trust to the next level of success and beyond!

    Our Three Key Service Areas

    Consultancy Services

    Helping Your Business Grow

    Our experience and business acumen gives us the edge to provide practical and pragmatic advice to make your business a success. Right from company start-up to sale, and at every stage in between, we can be there providing insight, information, and advice to manage risk, grow your business, and protect your wealth.


    You will feel supported through your growth periods, as well as during your down-time, and feel confident in every decision you make.

    IRD compliance

    Taking the Stress Away From You

    Never miss another IRD return deadline with our compliance services. We have a keen eye for tax deficiencies, and as a Chartered Accountanting Practice, we stay up-to-date with law changes and opportunities. It’s essential that we provide robust plans for our clients, so they always know what’s required of them, and when, well in advance.

    Family Trusts

    Securing Your Family's Future

    Set up a family trust to support members of your family and protect the ownership of assets. Its purpose is for you to progressively transfer your assets to the Trust so that legally you own none yourself, but you still have some control of and benefits from them. We can set up your Trust, as well as provide you with sound structuring advice to best protect and profit from your investment.

    What will it cost?

    Every business is different, and we treat you that way

    We use a simple and easy to understand pricing agreements which are tailored to your specific business and personal needs. Include what you need and add what you want to drive success and growth into your business.

    There are no surprises, no invoices for 8 minute phone calls and no 6 minute timesheets. We don't include gimmicks, meetings that you don't need, and promises we can't keep.

    Our Tax Compliance Tiers

    We know managing cash flow is important. The last thing you need is a large bill from your accountant. Therefore, we have the following Tax Compliance Tiers to suits your needs.


    "Never say you cannot afford something. That is a poor man's attitude. 

    Ask how to afford it"  

    Robert T Kiyosaki


    We are looking forward to seeing you soon!!


    Compliance Basic

    • End of Year Tax Returns
    • Income Tax Returns
    • IRD Account Management
    • Tax Payment Reminders
    • Email Support

    Compliance 123

    • End of Year Accounts
    • Annual Business Review Meeting
    • Income Tax Returns
    • IRD Account Management
    • Tax Payment Reminders
    • Provisional Tax Management
    • Phone & Email Support

    Compliance Plus

    • End of Year Accounts
    • Annual Business Review Meeting
    • Income Tax Returns
    • IRD Account Management
    • Tax Payment Reminders
    • Provisional Tax Management
    • Monthly Business Performance Reports
    • Periodic Business Review
    • Priority Support


    * Conditions apply based on accounting software

    Other Services and Programmes



    Establish a Discretionary Trust

    We can guide you through the process of establishing a Discretionary Trust, and help arrange: drawing up and stamping the Deed, preparing and lodging applications for all necessary tax registrations, and paying the Stamp Duty with the State Revenue Office.


    Establish a Company

    Get the support you need to establish your new company. We can help arrange everything required, such as: drawing up a constitution, executing establishment documents, preparing and lodging applications for all necessary registrations.


    Xero Conversion & Setup

    From sole-traders to large corporates, we can fully set your business up in Xero. We will also provide ongoing support and training, so you can unlock both the basic and advanced features that will empower you to accomplish your goals.



    Lead Adviser – Business Planning and Implementation

    To build the business you want, you need to have clear goals and realise how you’re tracking against them. We’ll take the time to understand your business, and where you want to take it. We will establish a 12 Month Financial Game Plan that will map out your priorities and action items. This will become a valuable roadmap for you.


    Our experienced BoostNest team can also act as your sounding board by supporting you to overcome issues as they arise, such as sourcing the right people to implement solutions. We will facilitate seamless service through an online vault, for easy and secure document access and organisation.


    Strategic Planning Workshop

    Our Strategic Planning Workshop is an excellent opportunity for your business to start down the path you want to take. Together we’ll define your vision, and your Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG). We’ll create both one year and five-year plans, which include actions, initiatives, and capabilities needed to achieve objectives – as well as financial targets, cash flow, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We’ll also undertake a broader analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your business, including values, people, culture, brand promises, sales and marketing, service offerings, core clients, systems and procedures, risk protection, and industry trends.


    Boost Your Business Programme

    Unlock growth and profit potential within your business. This includes a half-day initial analysis session, followed by an optional implementation program, and regular reporting and advisory services.


    Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Business Reporting and Advisory

    After understanding your goals, and creating one year and five-year plans, we can meet with you monthly, quarterly, or annually to present and review financial reports, track progress against your goals, and update your strategic plan including actions required for the coming period. You’ll receive graphically-presented reports that will make analysing your business performance easy. We can also research and offer insights into how your business compares to your competitors.


    Along the way, we can help identify critical projects, actions and decisions required, help you access networks and professional development events, and offer accounting news and insights – all to support your journey to achieve your business’ vision.


    We will also develop a working financial model to aid your day-to-day planning and decision making, and offer ready access to your BoostNest advisor during business hours.


    Financial Plan Forecasting Every 3-5 Years

    If you don’t need regular support, we can back you to accomplish your long-term goals, through timely check-ins and well thought out strategy every few years.


    Tax Planning

    We can forecast your income tax liability for the coming year with high accuracy. We also have the experience and understanding of tax to review ways of your tax liability for the coming year – including working out payment of dividends and optimal trust distributions.

    Choose The Right Accountant

    BoostNest is a Chartered Accountanting practice. Our team undergoes CAANZ (Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand) approved training every year, hold Advisor Certifications in Xero and are members of Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand or Certified Practicing Accounts Australia.


    Do you want to find a no-nonsense accountant who gets what it’s like to go into business to follow a passion but end up having to spend a lot more time balancing the books? Do you want to be kept in the loop about your accounts in real-time? Do you want someone who will give you sound advice & direct you when things get a little murky?


    And are you finally sick of paying expensive fees for… well you’re not too sure what?


    You want BoostNest.

    Find out what sets us apart.

    So, Is It Time for You to Make a Change?

    If your accountant is not on top of these areas, they may not be as invested in you as you might hope...

    • Has your business or organisation grown too much, or not enough?
    • Do you have the systems in place to confidently deal with an ever-changing economy?
    • Do you know how other businesses in your industry are performing?
    • Do you want to pay for your children 's university fees or will they take out a student loan?
    • When was the last time you reviewed your insurances and your need for Life Insurances, Income Protection Insurance, and Mortgage Protection Insurance?
    • When was the last time you reviewed your mortgage structures and financial position to see if there are ways that money can work for you better?
    • Do you have an investment strategy for your retirement?
    • Do you know how much you need to have in an investment so you can retire?
    • Are you a member of KiwiSaver, and have you been contributing regularly?
    • Are you paying for accountancy fees that you don’t need, or are more expensive than they should be?
    • When was the last time you updated your Will and Enduring Power of Attorney?

    BoostNest is a Better Fit

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