Our Mission

    Our Mission is to help owners create the success they’re striving for by changing the way they see their business.


    Through sound accounting, wise planning, and friendly ongoing support, our clients are making the right decisions now and securing the future they envision.


    Why "BoostNest?"

    We think our name BoostNest simply outlines our strategy for the businesses, trusts, and organisations we work with. No matter what type of industry you’re in, your size, stage of growth, or your goals, we have a tried and true approach that will work for you.

    The "Boost"

    Firstly, we will give your business a fresh boost – in whichever direction you need. By first taking the time to understand you, your current situation, and targets, we can support your decision-making process. Our experienced team will help free your time and energy so that you can confidently get on with focusing on what is most important to your business – your customers.

    The "Nest"

    Business is about generating wealth and securing your future in your own ‘nest’. There’s no point in building a fantastic business unless you can protect your nest egg. We also believe that it’s really important you get the chance to enjoy life outside of work along the way. We’ll bring the perspective and experience that will change the way you look at business, and ensure that the proceeds from your business flow through to your nest most efficiently.

  • Your BoostNest Team

    Director - Jono Rees

    Jono has over 15 years of experience in the Chartered Accounting environment. He founded BoostNest in 2015 because he’s passionate about helping businesses, organisations, and trusts. After hearing horror stories of them falling into obvious pitfalls from poor advice, or paying too much, he wanted to create a business that clients can trust.


    Jono leads the talented and dedicated BoostNest team. He also works with BoostNest clients on both their day-to-day requirements and decision-making, and longer-term strategy.


    Jono is knowledgeable in all matters of business, from accounting and compliance to business and tax advice for SMEs, and accounting software and systems selection.


    Jono has a sharp eye for finding deficiencies in tax compliance, along with a focus on business valuations and structures to best manage risk in changing economic environments.


    Away from the office, Jono enjoys spending time on the family farm with his wife and three kids. He also gets a real ‘Boost’ out of his dad jokes.


    Check out Jono's LinkedIn profile here.

  • Cindy Hill

    Practice Manager

    “I am a Practice Manager, Xero guru, payroll expert, barista – the list goes on! In my spare time, I love focussing on renovating my house, playing golf, and spending time with family and friends."

    - 35 years of experience

    Rick McDonald

    Tax Consultant

    “My background in corporate tax means I have great knowledge in the technical side of tax issues confronting small businesses. Personally, I’m passionate about the outdoors and hiking the path less travelled.”

    - 35 years of Accounting experience

    Isha Chauhan

    Accountant (Provisional CAANZ Member)

    “I'm currently working towards my Chartered Accountant accreditation. I’m originally from India but have found my true home here in windy Wellington – I love the cold!”

    - 14 years of Accounting experience

    Winnie Cocklin

    Accountant (Associate CPA Member)

    “I’m originally from South Africa but am now a proud Kiwi. I have a strong property and finance background. Outside of work, my young and loving family keeps me busy!”

    - 20 years of combined Bookkeeping, Finance and Accounting experience

    Betsie Charles


    "I am passionate about crunching those numbers and keeping up with the latest software available for Payroll and Accounting. When not in the office, you will find me at the sports fields supporting my family, or enjoying a bonfire when camping."

    - 20 years of Accounting experience

  • Our Team is Qualified to Take Care of You


    While we prefer getting on with the work to blowing our own trumpets, we still want you to know that we’re educated, legit and certified!


    Our team holds Advisor Certifications in Xero and undergo CAANZ approved training every year.


    You can trust us to ensure your decision-making is robust, you are compliant with IRD, or your family trust is secure.